About Us

Wiwigo is an online platform to search, compare and book outstation oneway and roundtrip cabs. Through our scale and network, we are able to provide oneway taxi rental upto 50% lower than other vendors who charge for roundtrip even for a drop. You can compare different cab rentals on their feedback rating on driver, cabs and agency quality. We intend to organize the fragmented taxi industry under our platform to provide transparent services to all.

Well it all started when I could not book a train ticket under Tatkal scheme to attend a family function in Chandigarh and I had to book a cab instead. I just needed a drop to Chandigarh but the vendor charged me for the roundtrip as he wouldn't get the return fare. Throughout my journey, I felt that it was a massive waste of money, fuel and human resources. Also it somehow didn't make sense to me why it should be the state of affairs as there must be hundreds of people travelling in opposite direction. Why can we not match these passengers up with these taxis and this would save all the hassle? During the casual chat with the driver, who had grayed his hair in taxi industry, I learnt that the whole industry functions in this manner and they charge for both ways. This got me thinking that this was the high time that somebody stood up and tackled this long pending problem. Thus the core idea behind Wiwigo was formed.

At the foundation of Wiwigo platform, we have our rating system that is invitation based so that it cannot be tampered with. The customers who once complete their journey with us are requested to rate their experience on driver, cab and agency on quality. This rating system and upfront pricing creates the much needed transparency. The rating system also encourages cab vendors to improve their services to get better feedback and hence more bookings. This makes our partner cab vendors accountable and reward our great vendors.