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Rajkot to Kolkata Taxi | Cab

About Rajkot

Rajkot is the fourth largest city in Gujarat is historically significant during the independence period of India. The major tourist attractions, in fact are the monuments and buildings that have been constructed during that era. History lovers would fall in love with this city as you tour along the Mahatma Gandhi High School, that was built in the Gothic Norman structure. Another unique attraction is the Swaminarayan temple that is constructed out of hand carved stones. Do visit the Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum that depicts the culture and tradition of the world through the medium of dolls.

About Kolkata

Situated at the eastern banks of Hoogly, Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and the oldest working port in India. The birthplace of modern Indian cultural, artistic and literary movement, Kolkata has earned significant attention as a tourist destination. The best places to visit here are the Howrah bridge (national landmark of India), Jorasanko Thakubari (original residence of the Tagore family), the Victoria Memorial (museum showcasing unique artifacts and antiquities) and the Eden Gardens (third largest cricket stadium in the world). Do drop in at the famous Park Street to enjoy the nightlife and savor delicacies at the topmost restaurants in the city. Vacations are an important part of everyone's life.It has become almost like a necessity to escape the choke hold that work and competition for success has on people. People visit many beauties all over the world and they come back with many stories but only a few have come back saying that they visited a place which felt like their deeply cherished home. Kolkata,with all its variety, its rich diversity, and spice is one of those places that brings out the best in you and makes you feel wanted and happy in every little thing you do. The friendly and helpful people of this city add a lot to the beauty of the city. It is one of those rare places in our country which gives warmth and a feeling of long forgotten familiarity for its short-term as well as long-term visitors.

Many places play a role in giving Kolkata its lovely reputation- PRINCEP GHAT provides a very peaceful and serene atmosphere for all its visitors. Boat rides, numerous street vendors, the view and the atmosphere envelopes one in a feeling of peace and serenity. The subtle wind coming from the Ganges, constantly blow all your worries away and the wonderful ambiance of the place contributes towards making anyone's Kolkata trip a memorable one. Source- Google images PRINCEP GHAT, KOLKATA<

If you're someone who enjoys street shopping (most people in our country usually do),then NEW MARKET is just the place for you.The lights,the hustle-bustle,the noise and even the crowd contributes towards making the place a complete package for the average Indian person.

Source-Google Images

Source-Google Images: NEW MARKET, KOLKATA

Kolkata, being the rich and diversified place that it is-has an abundance of famous temples and churches.Dhakshineshwar,Birla Mandir,Iskon Mandir,Kalighat Mandir,St.Paul's Cathedral are some places of religious interest located in this massive city and help to satisfy the desires of many devotees from all over the country and the world.

Source- Google Images


Book worms will also not feel out of place in our City of Joy.College Street is this magical place which holds all the book lovers' dreams and aspirations in its enormous expanse.Books ranging from western writers like Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy to Indian writers like Anita Nair,Amitav Ghosh and many more are available here.College Street is the book lovers' dream come true.

Source- Google Images

Source- Google Images: COLLEGE STREET, KOLKATA

Tram rides,which is a unique feature of Kolkata, helps you to get a glimpse of the old India and makes you reminesce over the good old days. The small yellow taxis scattered massively throughout the city is also one of the unique features of the city.If you decide to spend an evening taking in the noise and the crowd while killing time standing on the Howrah bridge, rest assured that it is an evening you'll always remember and cherish. The ferry rides on one side of the bridge and the flood of yellow coloured taxis on the other along with buses and autos and pedestrians along with a glorious view of the elegant sun setting over the Hoogly river makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Source- Google Images

Source- Google Images: HOWRAH BRIDGE, KOLKATA

When we're talking about Kolkata,we cannot afford to forget Victoria Memorial. Covering a massive area Victoria Memorial provides an amazing hangout for friends, lovers, family and also serves as a location for many functions and events and is also a living proof of our historical past.

Source- Google Images


Foodies will also not be dissapointed in this city.Street food with its 'Pav bhaji', 'Dosas', 'Poochkas' and many more satiate the cravings of thousands of people.Along with that,many amazing restaurants and cafes like Wise Owl Cafe (Southern Avenue), Bar-B-Q(Park Street), The Little Donkey (Bhawanipur), Blue Poppy(Maidan), Mrs Magpie (Southern Avenue), The Great Indian Coffee House (College Street), Bhoojohori Manna (Gariahat) and many more will keep the average foodie excited for quite some time. The people of ths city don't compromise on their taste buds.

Source- Google Images

Source- Google Images

Many street plays and concerts in places like Kala Mandir, Gyan Manch by many well known theatre groups and bands consisting mainly of college students also prove to be a source of recreation for the people.Long-term visitors can keep themselves busy with many activities such as swimming,yoga clubs and book clubs-all of which are propotionately scattered all over town. The beauty and magnificence of this city can be fully appreciated during the time of auspicious festivals.During Durga Puja the entire city erupts in its full glory and it gets flooded in a blur of colours and lights.Christmas time means the entire Park Street is transformed into a scene from a fairy tale.Holi means people walking around with multicoloured faces throughout the week.Eid means you see the entire city covered in a veil of green celebrating the joy of living. The people of this city sure know how to liven things up.Along with festivities the people of this city even know how to celebrate seasons. During the monsoon season,you can see the water logged streets covered with children playing merrily in the rain.The short-lived winter is also highly celebrated with street vendors selling momos and thukpas all over town.

Source- Google Images

Source- Google Images: PARK STREET, KOLKATA

When one has taken all that this city has to offer, places like Digha,Mandarmani and Bandel Church ,which are also like an extended part of the city, can be added to the places worthy of being visited. These places are easily accessible through car rental services which are safe and secure and also very convenient.

Source- Google Images

Source- Google Images: BANDEL CHURCH

From the detailed explanation above, we can see that Kolkata is truly a city satisfied and partly glorified in its complex diversity. From local shopping to magnificent malls,from tram rides to bright yellow taxis,from street food to The Grand Oberoi-this city has it all.Kolkata is a miniature example of the culturally and traditionally diversified country that India is. So what are you guys waiting for? Pack your bags and experience the beauty of this  city firsthand.

Rajkot to Kolkata via Train

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Rajkot to Kolkata via Bus

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Rajkot to Kolkata via Taxi/Cab:

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