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Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours for your cab to arrive. Nowadays there are hundreds of online cab services which promise to cater to your needs. But the question is, are the services catered with comfort? Well, in most of the cases the answer is no! There are several news headlines emphasising upon duping of customers under the hands of online cab portals. There is a set misconception among customers that better facilities comes with a fat price. Customers live in a fallacy that an AC cab with countless facilities might cost them a fortune. But it not true in Wiwigo’s case. Wiwigo is an online platform to search, compare and book outstation one way and roundtrip cabs at an affordable price. Wiwigo technologies aims at providing luxury at the most reasonable prices possible. There are situations when the local transport vendors charge consumer for roundtrip even when the trip is one way. Why does this happen? This happens because of the forced monopoly of the transport vendors with no near or far competition. But this deceitful practise of overcharging the customers came to a halt when Wiwigo entered the market. In an interview by ‘The Asian Entrepreneur’ CEO of Wiwigo Technologies, Mr Sunial Chaula shared his experience of getting overcharged while travelling to Chandigarh by a vendor due to lack of transport preferences. He told them, “I could not book a train ticket under the Tatkal scheme to attend a family function in Chandigarh, so I had to book a cab. I just needed a drop to Chandigarh but the vendor charged me for the roundtrip as he wouldn’t get the return fare. Throughout my journey, I felt that it was a massive waste of money, fuel and human resources.” This one incident moved Mr Sunil Chaula and compelled him to fight the monopoly of the local transportation vendors. He launched his start-up in year 2015 and since then it has been climbing the ladder to success. Besides making the start-up successful, Mr Chaula’s dream was to cater the consumers with honesty and determination. Wiwigo Rental Cab offers two options to our customers i.e. oneway journey with oneway payment and roundtrips charged accordingly. Wiwigo comes with a reasonable cost and pitcher full of facilities. With Wiwigo forget about getting priced at every step, be it paying advance, cancellation charge or out of pocket expenses. Render Wiwigo an opportunity to cater and you’ll remember it all your lifetime.